Exams & Medals Awards

Exams and Medal Awards

This page will give you a basic understanding of the exam and medal awards. 

Exams and medals are held every year, exams are normally in June/July and medals are normally in Oct/Nov.

It is not essential for students to take part, however they are highly recommended.

Further information is given in the terms and conditions.

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Pupils can take grade exams in ballet, tap, modern and acrobatics.  They are very important in giving the pupils something to work towards and also a sense of achievement.  The grades are a perfect guide through the technique in each subject.

In ballet there are eight grades in the junior syllabus, and four in the senior work, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced and advanced plus.

Tap, modern and acrobatics have eight grades in the junior syllabus, and three in the senior work, intermediate, advanced and advanced plus. Exams are taken with an external examiner from the U.K.D.D.F. Results are received in the post after approximately three weeks. 

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Medal Awards

These awards give each pupil the chance to perform in front of an audience and show off their talent.  They are invaluable at increasing confidence, stage presence and self awareness. Many nervous children have been seen wanting to have a second go as they have enjoyed the experience so much. The pupils wear costumes and make-up when taking medals

Medals can be taken in all subjects.  They are as follows: 

Primary - This is marked individually but a few children are seen at one time, they are also allowed to be helped by the teacher.

Bronze group - A gentle progression, the pupils are not allowed any help, however they dance as a group and are marked as a group not individually.

1st Standard section:

Bronze, Silver & Gold

2nd Standard section:

Bronze, Silver & Gold

3rd Standard section:

1st Shield, 2nd Shield & 3rd Shield

4th Standard section:

1st Cup, 2nd Cup & 3rd Cup

5th Standard section:

Final Trophy

For the first four levels only one dance is shown, the final trophy has four dances. This applies to all subjects apart from disco.

In the first standard - one dance

Second standard - two dances

Third standard - three dances