Rules and regulations

Address: ‘It’s Our Time’ Training Academy, 19-21 Taylor Street, Luton, LU2 0EY

Phone Number: 01582 486545

Principal Email: [email protected]

Admin Email: [email protected]

Facebook Page: Tina’s School Of Dance

Twitter: @TBuhagiar

Instagram: tina_buhagiar




We reserve the right to change the times of classes or to request that the pupils are moved to another class, but we will give notice and try offer an alternative if possible. Classes will sometimes run over especially around exam and show times. A note will be on the website if classes are going to be cancelled for any reason [for example bad weather]



 Once your child has been coming for a few weeks it is necessary that they have ordered the correct uniform.

We have a webiste in which we ask you to order your unifrom from to ensure it is our regulation uniform. 

This can be requested once your child has registered. 

Dancers hair should be tied up at all times. (We ask that it is in a bun or plaits if possible, this is compulsary in acrobatics or tricks class) 


Keypad Entry

 All dancers and parents need to use the side door; there is a keypad entry system. The code is available once your child has registered. It is essential that everyone closes the door behind them in order for this system to work. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.



 All parents are welcome to use our carpark. However under no circumstances should anyone block other cars in and leave the premises. There are many parking bays in High Town which are free evenings and weekends. Please always be courteous to neighbouring businesses by not parking in on their premises or blocking there parking spaces/entrance.  


Dropping and collecting your child

 Please escort your child into the building, if you are leaving your child at class please make sure you are in plenty of time to collect them. We are not responsible for their welfare when their class has finished. If someone different is collecting them please let us know. Children aged 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult unless prior consent has been given by us. Please do not leave children aged under 10 until their class has begun and they are completely settled. In case of an emergency when you are going to be late please let us know.


Waiting Area

 Please leave the waiting areas as you wish to find them. If any pupils or siblings are found to have caused damage to the waiting area parents will be charged for repairs. Please do not leave the heaters on unnecessarily, if you are the last adult/teenager in the room please switch them off. All parents are asked to wait in the waiting room.


Please do not put bags on a chair, keep your belongings tidy and store them underneath the chair. Dancers should make the most of the stretching room and warm up, therefore once ready should be in the stretch room leaving more space for the adults to be in the waiting room. This will help during busy times.


It is a fire hazard to leave buggies by the side door, if it is necessary to bring your buggy to the studio they can be left in the office if the waiting room is busy. Please be aware that you will be taking it through our stretching room so if the wheels are wet or dirty the buggy will need to be folded up or the wheels cleaned.


Stretching Room

 The stretching room should not be used as a viewing room; can parents, friends and family please wait in the waiting room.


Please do not stand on the mats with shoes on as they are in constant use and must be clean.


The stretching room is for dancers only, at no point should other people including siblings use this space.


When stretching please make sure you are warmed up fully and that you work within your capability.


Under no circumstances should acrobatic tricks be done in this room.


Only dancers High School age and over can use the equipment in the stretching room, this refers to the balance board, stretching bands and blocks. Younger children can still warm up and stretch in this area if their parents are in the waiting room.


Please be quiet and consider those who are in class and teaching.


These rules are in place due to Health and Safety reasons and must be adhered too.



 Please do not film or take photos in the studio without our prior consent. 



 Fees are originally quoted on a per class basis, however they are payable in half term blocks, in advance at the end of term, unless a prior arrangement has been made. Please note if your child is away due to holidays or sickness this fee is still payable and is non-refundable. If fees are not kept up to date we reserve the right to pass your place on to someone else.


If a child is absent for over 3 weeks and we are not notified it is due to sickness, holidays etc., we will assume they are no longer coming to class and place will filled. If they do not return at the start of a half term and we have not been notified you will be charged for that half term. Informing me that they will not be returning at the start of the half term is not sufficient notice. Therefore you must give notice in the previous term, if you do not wish to be charged further. If you pay late you will be invoiced a £10 late fee.


We have a discount system for those who do 3 or more classes, 3-4 classes gives you a 5% discount, 5-6 classes gives you a 10% discount and 7 or more classes gives you a 15% discount.

We also offer a £25 a week scheme for those dancers who do lots of classes with us. This means you are charged at £25 a week and have unlimited access to classes. 


All invoices are sent by email, you must respond with a confirmed payment date and method. 

We accept cash payments or bank transfer. 

Fees/Exam/Medal Invoice Account Details: Mrs T Buhagiar, sort code 40.30.39, account number 21282174

Events/Competition Team Account Details: Mrs L Buckell, 

If you are unsure as to which account you should pay into, please do not hesitate to ask. 



Dancewear Orders    

 All dancewear will need to be ordered off the link in which you will receive once you have registered.


Contact Details

 Please make sure we have all your up to date details in our system, if your details change at any time please let us know.



 It is the parent’s responsibility to keep up to date with information on the notice board and the website or Tina’s School of Dance Facebook page. If you are absent from class please ask if there were any letters that you missed.  


Sticker Books

 As a reward system we sell sticker books to the dancers, they will be given a sticker after their final class of the week.  Their first sticker book will be £1. There are 12 stickers to collect in each book, once this is completed a certificate will be given to them along with their new sticker book, this will be £2.50. When they reach their 5th sticker book they will also receive a Tina’s School of Dance bracelet.



 The toilets are located in the studio, therefore if you wish to use them that is fine but you will need to take off your shoes and walk  round the edge of the studio trying not to disturb the dancers.


Changing Area

 Located in the office is a curtain set up as a changing room for anyone who needs to get changed, please check it is not in use before entering.



 Refreshments can be purchased in the office. This includes drinks and snacks. The price list is up in both the waiting room and office.