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Rules and Reguations

Exams/Medals and Shows

Grade exams can be taken in ballet, tap and drama. Both ballet and tap have 8 junior grades and drama has 5. A great progression in technique and style is learnt through the grades.  Results are given 3 weeks after the exam date. 

Medals have 4 standards and a final trophy; there are 3 medals in each standard.  They can be taken in any subject. Parents can watch the medals and results are given on the day.  Medals are invaluable in boosting the confidence of the participating pupils, and help in developing stage presence and awareness.  In ballet and tap they dance a solo, so for the first few times they do a group dance so they get use to dancing in front of the audience.  In the group dance they get the same mark. In disco however it works slightly different.  They get their own individual mark but a group of pupils [possibly 5 or 6] dance at the same time not as a solo. We do one exam session and one medal session a year. Payment is due no later than 5 weeks before.

There is a yearly show, which is held at a local theatre, in February. All pupils are welcome to take part.



Improvers Trophy

Twice a year the Improvers trophy is awarded to the pupil who has improved the most over the previous 6 months.  This will be awarded at the Summer Party and at the Show.

Dancewear Orders

All dancewear will need to be paid for when the order is placed. Dancewear can be ordered on line. 

Contact Details

Tel 411439, please note it is possible this will bean answer machine so please leave a message.

Mobile 07714161853 I do not answer during class times[ you can always send a text]

[email protected]

Please refer to the website www.tinasschoolofdance.co.uk for updates of events and newsletters. To register for  the members area write your e-mail address on the form  on the noticeboard or send an e-mail. Your username is the name of the eldest pupil in your family with no capital letters or spaces [eg lukebuhagiar] the password is on the noticeboard and will be changed regularly.


It is the parents responsibility to keep up to date with information on the noticeboard and the website. If a newsletter is added to the website a note will be put on the noticeboard. If you do not have access to the internet please ask for a printed copy. Your fees will still be printed and issued at the end of each half term. If you are absent from class please ask if there were any letters that you missed.

 All new pupils of Tina's School of Dance must complete a registration form
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