This years production is... 

We have finally announced the exciting news that this year's Christmas production will be...

Our performance will be...

This year we will be offering this to everyone aged 3 years +. This includes adults!

Those aged 3-6 years old will not need to audition. Anyone aged 7+ will need to attend our audition on... No preparation is needed however; those interested in lead roles will need to be prepared to sing on their own.

Although we are holding auditions, everyone will get in!

Rehearsals start... You will all be given a rehearsal schedule of rehearsals after this date. 

There will be a fee of £60 to take part, £40 for any additional family members.

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Previous Productions:

In June 2012 we produced our first musical theatre play: Peter Pan

In 2013 we produced:  Puss in Boots - Which was our Children's Production and Snow White - Our Adult Production

In 2014 we produced: The Wizard of Oz - This had both adults and children involved

In 2015 we produced: Alice in Wonderland - This also involved both adults and children

In 2016 we produced: Oliver! - This again involved both adults and children.

In 2017 we produced: Cinderella - This again involved both adults and children.

In 2018 we produced