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Due to the pandemic classes at TSD have new guidelines so we can remain a Covid Secure business, keeping staff and dancers and their families as safe as we possibly can.

Dancers are in bubbles of no more than 15, this reduces the number of people who they come into contact with. Those who do multiple classes do so within their own bubble.

The building has a one way system and multi purpose areas such as the waiting room and stretch room are no longer being used. The studio is marked out with 2 metre sq boxes with 1 metre gaps between. So dancers remain social distanced throughout their classes. 

Parents are not permitted on site and all social distance and wear masks when dropping off and collecting their children.

The building is ventilated by opening external doors and a shutter.


The studio floor and common touch points are cleaned between bubbles and after classes have finished. The studio is also cleaned at the end of each day.

Hand sanitiser is supplied at different points in the building. All dancers and teachers use hand sanitiser on arrival, when leaving and during class. Regular hand washing is also encouraged on a regular basis.

Teachers remain 2 metres away from the students. If this is reduced extra mitigation is put in place, so masks are worn and hand sanitiser is used along with extra hand washing. In case of emergency, physical or emotionally help is giving with extra mitigation in place. A record is kept of situations were distancing may be reduced. Teachers do not come into contact with students for spotting etc, this is against social distancing guidelines.

Use of equipment has been reduced, when it is used it is cleaned after each class and extra mitigation is used such as masks and extra hand washing.

Dancers are given their own chair to reduce contamination and these are cleaned after use. 

Out door shoes are remove when entering the building to avoid contamination of the studio floor.

Temperatures are taken when entering the building, although this is not always accurate it is a preventative measure that we are taking.

Students who are unwell are told to stay at home and follow government guidelines. As are those who have been told to isolate because they are a primary contact. Parents are asked to notify us if any dancer is tested positive for Covid-19.

Teachers and students are reminded to cough into an elbow, or to catch it and bin it, also to frequently wash hands.

Records are kept recording attendance as we follow the government guidelines and the track and trace system.

Parents have to complete a household questionnaire at the start of each half term and are reminded of the current guidance and regulations.

We follow the current national guidelines from the government and the local guidelines from Luton Borough Council.

Ballet Dancers
Ballet Dancers
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