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Performances and events

Since the school started we have taken part in 100's of performances and events. These opportunities not only gives the dancers a chance to share with others their love of dance it gives them a chance to tell a story, or share an opinion and their emotions with an audience. We love to have all of our age groups work together as this is what gives TSD such a lovely family atmosphere. The older dancers are an inspiration to the younger ones and the older dancers love showing their support to the younger children. We always make amazing memories at events and the dancers team work and friendship is always amplified.  I just wish that from the first performance we did I wrote it down as I would love to have a list of everything we have done. I have had countless comments about the dancers when they are performing because of their professional work ethic and the support that they give to teach other and people from other groups. I am always incredibly proud of the dancers and the achievements they have made.


Community Events

We have performed at many local community events there are to many to remember them all. A few I can mention are GD1, Dancemania, Motus Festival,  Jump Start, 1 Step, The Colour of Time, Luton Happy video, Luton Fireworks display, Luton Foodbank colour run, Remembrance Day [Grove Theatre] Remembrance Day Luton Town Hall, Remberbrance Day Flashmob, Rise, Fun Palace,Luton BID community events, Relay for life, St George's Day Suffragette flashmob, Happy Flashmob, Colour of light, Polish Festival, Wardown Museum, Luton Festival, European ballet, English Youth Ballet, Pasha- let's dance the night away [Grove theatre] Many School fetes and community arts evenings. Plus supporting other dance schools in their showcases and anniversary performances. To be honest we have done so many events over the years these are just a few as I can't remember them all.


TSD Events

Every year we have an annual show where all of our dancers are invited to perform to an audience of friends and family. This has always been a big high light in our year and has a great community atmosphere. In Feb 2020 we had our 25th Anniversary which was amazing. We have held this show at various different local venues. It began at Wigmore Church, since then it has moved to Luton Library Theatre, Denbigh High School, Grove Theatre, Stockwood Park Academy, UKCCA and Luton Sixth Form College.  We have run our own Christmas Pantomime just a few being, Snow White, Peter Pan, Puss In Boots, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Oliver and Swan Lake. We normally have a Chirstmas Party for all the family and a spooky themed party at Halloween. Lets not forget our yearly Easter trip to Torquay. 2020 should have been our 10th Anniversary and we cannot wait to do it again. A weekend of dance, family fun and definitely lots of laughter. we cannot wait to do it again!


Competition Team

We have a competition team who travel around the country taking part at various different one day events. Competitions are are definitely not our full focus and we do not take part in as many as some schools. This is because we have so much going on through the year and we like to have a variety of events in our calendar. The competition scene is definitely not for the faint heart but our dancers love it. The main reason being the family spirit and team building that they have. I think they enjoy the night in a hotel and the breakfast just as much as the day of dance. Our dances have done incredibly well at the competitions they have attended winning many trophies and medals along with titles and special awards from judges such as Summer school places, open day places and workshops. What is lovely is that we have also won awards for the dancers support of each other and other schools and for students acting professionally on and off stage.

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